Welcome to the Lessons section! Right now, I only have a few sections to share, as I only get to update this page on my spare time. You should try practicing these words as often as you can...ideally with someone who speaks Hokkien!

Lesson 1: Useful Expressions

Lesson 2: Personal and Possessive Pronouns (and more pronouns)
Lesson 3: Simple Verbs
Lesson 4: Basic Chinese Grammar
Lesson 5: Counting and Non-Counting Numbers
Lesson 6: Dates and Days of the week

Lesson 7: Adverbs of Time

Lesson 8: Members of My Family
Lesson 9: Commonly Used Verbs
Lesson 10: Adjectives

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I'd like to thank the following people for their contribution in helping me develop these lessons: Haiyi (Myma), Rhea, Cheng-Chieh (James), Zhenghan (Jessica), Jiaying (Abby), Aimei (Aimee) and Huixin (Doris)! A special mention goes to Zhenzhen (Jane), Karla and Joseph! Hey Ivy, do you recognize this cat? :D